Hello, and a tasty welcome to the Naturally Curly Cook- passionate, curly-headed procurer of pure, creative, and smart culinary delights. 

The Naturally Curly Cook is a personally owned catering and personal chef operation that fits perfectly into small and medium sized events looking for something different. As an inquisitive chef, I like to explore different ingredients and methods in the kitchen, investing the time and research into preparing every component of a delicious meal.

From the pickles on your sandwich to the pasta in your tortellini, it all starts from step one in my kitchen. This extremely homemade dining is not only fun for curious eaters to explore, but also smart for your body. You know exactly what is in every bite- and you know that it is good!

My small operation and adventurous spirit allow me to work closely with you as my client to create a unique menu inspired specifically by your event and your story. Let me treat you, your family, and your guests to a deliciously pure dining experience you won’t soon forget!